Saturday, September 5, 2015

Book Excerpt: 110% AND THE 110

You have probably heard of, or are at least familiar with, the concept of 110%; but if not, then simply put, 110% means all that you have and more!

110% is commonly thought to be an energy output above normal levels. It is that little extra push, that little extra effort at the end of a venture.

Coaches, bosses, and even motivational speakers use phrases like, "Come on, team; if we’re gonna win, we gotta give 110% . . ."; but the reason that most people have to be motivated and hyped up in order to give 110% in these little extra bursts of energy is because, in all likelihood, most people live at an output level much less than their actual potential the rest of the time.

"Come on, team; we’ve gotta give 110% . . ." is just short-hand pep talk for "I know none of you are used to maximizing your capacity or your energy on a day-in, day-out basis, so I’m asking you to put out a little extra effort for just a short amount of time so that we can . . . yada, yada, yada!"   You get my point.

But what if . . . ?

. . . what if there were people who didn't need short-term hype to reach their maximum potential?  What if there were people who possessed a drive within them to exceed their potential?  What if there were people who didn't just give 110% in tiny bursts, but what if they would live at 110% all the time?

Well, there are!  Those rare, exceptional people who live at 110% are THE 110.

You've heard of THE 110 before – just maybe by a different name(s): hero, overcomer, champion, victor, etc.

Those exceptional individuals who have the drive and the discipline to push themselves past their personal comfort, to break beyond their normal capacity, and to shatter their personal glass ceilings are the people who inspire the rest of us to be more than we think we can be.

Take a moment right now and imagine someone who has inspired you.  It could be a teacher, a parent, a civil servant, an athlete, or anyone that you ever idealized and maybe thought, "Golly-gosh, I want to be like them!"

Okay, maybe you didn't exclaim, "Golly-gosh;" but what was the character trait you saw in them that made you want to be like them?  What about them inspired you?  Was it their integrity, their vision, their passion, or their love for other people?  Was it because they refused to settle in and live a mundane life?

The heroes and champions who succeed at life – those who live at 110% – exist at an output level that staggers the average mind, and you can be a part of that elite group!

That's right!  You can be an inspiration to others!  You can be an overcomer and a victor!  You can be THE 110!  Anyone and everyone who wants to push beyond their current, perceived, maximum capacity and become more than they think they can be is a candidate to be part of this incredible movement.

THE 110 movement has a two-fold mission:
(1) THE 110 will empower you with the necessary principles to live above and beyond your perceived maximum potential.
(2) THE 110 will unleash you to give all that you have and more to making the world a better place.

Becoming THE 110 is a journey.  It is a process of being more than you are today and becoming better than you think you can be tomorrow.  I am privileged to take that journey with you; but you must be willing to give it your best effort to achieve your maximum output because, for THE 110, maximum output is the minimum requirement!

My upcoming book will define some of the philosophies and theories of what being THE 110 looks like, what it doesn't look like, and the 4-Principles of those who can proudly declare, "I am THE 110!"

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